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The "Edgewater Camp Sport Shoe"
The "Daily
The "Tack Classic"
The "Chore"
The "Artic Sport"
The "Wetland"

Muck Boot Standard Features:

100% Waterproof (To the Top) 100% Insulated Shell (Sub-Freezing) Easy-On/Easy-Off Convenience Wonderful Slipper-Soft Comfort Reinforced Toe, Heel and Sole Durable Natural-Rubber Base Stretch-Fit Tapered Collar Lightweight and Buoyant Moisture-Control Lining Quick and Easy Clean-Up!

They are designed to fit as comfortably as your favorite pair of athletic shoes.

To better serve you we have changed to a call in service on all Muck Boots orders.

Please Call 800-371-4081



You won't believe what people are saying about Muck Boots!

"...luxuriously comfortable, totally waterproof, and 2 pounds lighter than any pair of rubber boots you own." - Philip Bourjaily, Field & Stream Magazine, 2002 "Best of the Best" Award Winner

"I can personally attest to their comfort and durability because I wear them daily. They give me the comfort and support I need for this job. It is easy to recommend a product that I fully believe in. Two thumbs up for Muck Boots." - Patty Riley, Four Seasons Nursery, Mount Vernon, TX

"The boot is everything and more that the company claims. They proved to be warm, waterproof, and comfortable. Many thanks for a great product." - Robin Swett, Brattleboro, VT

"After wearing my Muck Boots for just one season, I bought Scrub Boots for all of my employees working in my greenhouses. I couldn't work beside them, in total comfort, while they complained about their feet beeing too wet or too cold. No more complaints! We all love them" - Janie Griffith, Griffith Wholesale Nursery, Shreveport, LA

"If we're not hunting for our TV show and videos, we're travelling doing seminars. We talk to millions of sportsmen and sportswomen around the world. If you are looking for a boot that feels like your favorite pair of gym shoes, but keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable for any hunting situation, Muck Boots is your answer!" - Arlene Cianciarulo, Lanark, Illinois

"I have been wearing Muck Boots (the Scrub and Hoser Hi) for two years. I own a nursery and garden center and they work great when I am watering my stock. I even wear them when I go fishing in Florida while I'm on vacation. They are comfortable and very durable." - Pete Passiglia, Passiglia Nursery & Garden Center, Wildwood, Missouri